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Madrid Collection

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Perfectly crisp striped Silk Organza, light Silk Zibeline and a froth of petticoats are the perfect excuse to sashay your way through your day!
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Glamour and poise in Silk Zibeline and Silk Chiffon. A beautiful crystal buckle holds the chiffon at the front neckline.
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A huge kimono bow trimmed with a large pearl and crystal encrusted buckle adds dramatic detail to the back of this simple Grand Duchesse Satin gown.
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Simply elegant slim gown made from Grand Duchesse Satin. A ruched belt is placed high on the waist.
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A Crisp striped Silk Organza shirt with Silk Duchesse Satin collar, waistband and bow is the most chic way to cover your shoulders and upper arms.
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Your gown will be made individually for you. Here is a long skirted version of our Heaven gown.
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Feel like a 1950ís movie star wearing this beautiful halter neck light Silk Zibeline gown.
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A delicate Silk Chiffon frill trims the neckline of this pretty Silk Zibeline gown and a froth of petticoats trims the hem.
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A dreamy circular skirt of striped Silk Organza over light Silk Zibeline. Your neat waist it trimmed with a Silk Duchesse Satin belt and diamante buckle.
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